An Evening of Street Singers

I’m walking thru the opera passageway from Karlplatz in Vienna, just checking out the new design (they took out the small shops and widened the walkway) when I see this guy walking the other way, singing a pop ditty in a moderate, but happily expressive voice. Of course, no one cared. I wouldn’t have cared either if he wasn’t the second guy I’d seen in five minutes who was singing to himself in public. The other guy was waiting for a train at Landstrasse. So now I’m at Volktheater changing to the U3 to go back to the hostel. Guess what? Another singer! This must be a very happy day for several Viennese. I mean, the weather is finally warming up a bit, but is that a reason to burst into song? Anyway, I’ll forego the urge for the time being.

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